The Past in Presence/In the Presence of the Past: Creating ‚Fair Play‘, a 3D Installation

Ausgabe #8

For Issue 8 of, filmmaker Ali Kazimi has contributed five images from an anaglyph version of his installation Fair Play. The principle is simple: Each stereo image consists of a pair of images: one for the left eye and the other for the right eye. All stereo viewing systems seek to isolate the images, so the left sees only the one intended for it, and the right sees the one intended for it. Our brain creates the perception of a 3D image while viewing a 2D screen by fusing these two slightly offset images together. Fair Play brings together all strands of Kazimi’s research including stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, stereoscopic 3D photographic history and images, as well as early twentieth-century Canadian immigration history and colonialism.