round table: commoning / communing

Ausgabe #9

What practices constitute the commons? What are the conditions of the situated processes of commoning? What and how do we thereby learn? What would constitute a new sense of sharing, distributing, partaking? And, how can we take the idea of relationality seriously and institute structures of reciprocity between art, academia, and activism? To address these questions the round table commoning / communing brings together three projects focusing on urban practices of commoning: the tenant’s initiative Kotti & Co fighting locally (in Berlin-Kreuzberg) for rent controlled social housing and against racism, Spolka a collective of urbanists, architects, and sociologists who try to reintroduce the idea of collectivity (mainly in Košice, Slovakia), and SiS collective, a group of artists from Turkey, who met when living and working together at Berlin-based art space Apartment Project and tackle the limited modes of public (artistic) expression under “the accelerating trans-geographic state of exception”. Together we will discuss how different methods of communing (can) respond to different neoliberal conditions – a highly-trimmed welfare state, post-socialism, and authoritarian capitalism, and to the question of how to protest.

Weiterdenken: An/zu den Filmen von John Smith

Ausgabe #7

Dokumentarische Praktiken sind mit medialen Transfers verbunden. Wahrnehmungen und das Nachdenken über das Wahrgenommene werden dabei in eine andere Form gebracht. Julian Bauers Beschreibungen von den Filmen, die John Smith im Rahmen von FAKTEN SCHAFFEN präsentierte, transferieren zum einen die Filme und zum anderen die durch sie im Nachhinein ausgelösten Gedanken, Fragen und Thesen in Schrift und laden zum Mit- und Weiterdenken daran ein.